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"The Neck Breaker Set"


From the Beard Comber Series comes a blend of tone clarity & intense high gain response inspired by front man Markus Johansson of 4arm.  The Neck Breaker set consist of any two Beard Comber pickup combination with the high gain twist that both pickups are in the 16K range output with Alnico 5 magnets that make this set a scream machine for any guitar.


Hand Wound with Modern High Gain.  Mid and high transparent clarity.  Fast response and balanced tones for low tunings.


Neck 16K+ / Bridge 16K+ (6 String version Only)


  • Alnico 5 magnets
  • 4 conductor wiring for series / split / parallel options
  • AWG 43
  • Wax Potted


Set $185


  • Note Option Selection when you contact us for further build details.

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